Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dota 2 Handpainted 3D-printed Jakiro

My flames grow hotter
My ice grows colder
Our wings grow stronger
- Jakiro Voice Responses, Dota 2

3D printed Jakiro, hand painted
The freezing flame, the scalding cold
Jakiro is my most played hero. At my level of play in Dota 2, a support that can easily harass in lane, help your team take towers, zone in teamfights, clear waves and disable channeling spells or chain-stun works out pretty well. I'm therefore disappointed that this hero doesn't get a little more attention from Valve in terms of hero re-works and cosmetics.

What is going on here? Did Jakiro get stuck in an oil spill?
Fortunately, I got my own opportunity to give Jakiro a bit of a makeover. My roommate 3D printed a tiny Jakiro for me for my birthday. I broke him free of his scaffolding, sanded him down, and painted him with acrylics.

Jakiro 3D printed, immersed in scaffolding
"We are hatched anew."

Miniature Jakiro, rescued from the scaffolding
(Mouse for scale.)
Hand painted 3D printed jakiro, view from reverse.

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out. I never got into Warhammer or other miniature-based hobbies, but I can definitely see the appeal. I was a little sad this came together so fast!

And, as is tradition, a photoshopped image for fun.

3D printed and painted Jakiro casting macropyre on Lake Tahoe
Tahoe goes up in flames. Jakiro sees ice, Jakiro adds fire.

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