Friday, October 21, 2016

Dota 2 The International 5 Viewing Party

They're all together. PPD - here comes the ice blast, ready for the dunk in from Universe, it's a disastah! CDEC, they're going to get wiped from the face of the earth -except for Aggresif, he'll jump out. But the wombo combo perfectly hits from Evil Geniuses and they will take Roshan.
- Six million dollar Echo Slam & Ice Blast, EG vs CDEC, TI5 Game Finals game 4

What's a Dota viewing party without Dota consumables? On the menu, we had all your basic starting items: wards, clarities, salves, tangoes and magic sticks. For those brave enough to conquer Roshan, there was of course cheese!

Blue and Yellow cake pops with candy eyes make adorable observers and sentry wards.
Observer & Sentry Ward Cake Pops: We made blue and yellow cake pops and stuck on these candy eyes. I'd love to share a recipe with you, but this took an entire evening and largely ended up a (delicious) failure (see the number of "dewarded" observers and sentries above). I can't in good conscience share such a messy and finicky recipe.

Dip jumbo pretzel sticks into turquoise-dyed white chocolate to make these awesome Dota 2 magic sticks
Chocolate-coated pretzel magic sticks: This snack came together surprisingly easily and I love the way it looks! Get the recipe here.

Melon, kiwi and grapes mixed together make a delicious and healthy Dota 2 tango salad
Tango Fruit Salad: Another easy and tasty Dota snack, made from grapes, melon & kiwi. Get the recipe here.

White wine and blue curacao form the basis of this dota 2 cocktail.
Clarity Sangria: blue curacao gives white wine that clarity hue. Get the recipe here.

Dota 2 salves made from green lemonade
Salve Lemonade: Your favorite lemonade or limeade becomes a dota 2 healing potion with the addition of green food coloring. Feel free to spike if you want to, but we chose to have some thematic non-alcoholic options.

A couple wedge-shaped cheeses and some artisanal bread makes for a great Rosh pit reward
Roshan's Cheese: We did one milder and one sharper cheese, selecting cheeses with the appropriate wedge shape. Credit to SoylentPersons for the awesome sign.

Not shown here - Enchanted Mangos: Buy mangos. Store temporarily in fridge. Most importantly, don't forget to serve them. (> Oops!)


The food was a lot of fun to put together, and I think my guests appreciated it. My favorites were the magic sticks and the tangos.

I posted this over on reddit, and was overwhelmed by the awesome and positive response. I don't post all that often on reddit, and I'd never had such a popular post before, it was a really interesting experience. It was funny having IRL friends come up to me and say "oh, I saw your food on reddit!" Even DotA 2 reddit celebrities commented on the post. I've also seen these photos crop up on a bunch of other eSports websites!

Maybe you saw these photos last year - well now you have the recipes.

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